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    fileUpload: purpose of attribute contentType?

    Juergen Zimmermann Master

      What is the purpose of the attribute contentType?

      I understand that acceptedTypes="gif,jpg,jpeg,png" can be used to list the acceptable file extensions.

      I tried to specify MIME types, e.g. contentType="image/*" or contentType="text/*". But there was no effect. Any hint is appreciated!

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          Andrei Markavtsov Apprentice

          Currently this attribute has no effect.
          At the first we thought that it should be binding where uploaded file's content type should be stored.
          But at the moment this idea have no implementation in component spec.
          If you think that this thing can be carefull we can provide implementation in the moment.

          About acceptedTypes attribute:
          File extensions should be separated by , or | or ; symbols.
          This attribute does not effcet on the browser's filter.
          Component just ignores adding files with different extensions.