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    How to add Jboss-net in XDoclet configurations

    lyon li Newbie


      I am new to jbossIDE,
      I try Eclipse 3m4, with jbossIDE 1.4.1 for jboss 3.2.6
      I can add a "JbossNet" under "Standard EJB"

      So I edit the .xdoclet file add

      <element name="jbossnet" used="true">
      <attribute name="webDeploymentName" value="Test" used="true"/>
      <attribute name="prefix" value="Test" used="true"/>
      <attribute name="destdir" value="src/META-INF" used="true"/>
      <attribute name="targetNameSpace" value="test" used="true"/>

      Is this right, Do I need to do it for every project?
      I check the JBossIDE Tutorial, Which doesn't has anything about it.