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    Jboss IDE or Lomboz

    jordi fabregat Newbie

      Dear All,

      I'm new in jboss and i want to get a easy config for build and deploy J2EE EJB.

      I have intalled JBOSS AS, and i have installed the eclipse IDE.

      What more I need?

      a) Jboss IDE? only?
      b) or LAMBOz as is said in the 'Tutorial for building J2EE Applications using JBOSS and ECLIPSE'

      I'm a little bit confused about what I need.

      can you suggest me any scenario that can be useful and easy for deploy EJB.

      THANKS In advance!

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          Vishal Sharma Expert

          Its yr choice waht u want to choose.
          Both seems to work..
          With JBoss-4.o i would say that use JBOSS-IDE if u are using new web services stack as lomboz doesn't have the support for that yet only for Axis style webs services.
          But you can get Eclipse "wtp - web tools project" plugin for new webe services stack in JBoss 4.0.

          I normally have both of them in my Eclipse.. as JBoss-IDE provides content help for xdoclet tags.
          I haven't tried new version of JBoss-IDE, should be good.


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            jordi fabregat Newbie

            Thanks for your help, and your time!.

            According what you say, I will prove JBOSS-IDE.

            I rely on this config and I expect that allows me to develop EJB, compile and deploy on JBOSS server.