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    How to get jndi-name resource-ref be inserted in jboss-web.x

    Francisco Gonzalez Newbie

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm new to JBoss-IDE, but so far so good. I just have a question, I have a web application that I have created and it is using a resource-ref to a DataSource. And at the class level I have:

      @web.resource-ref name = "jdbc/TheDataSource"
       type = "javax.sql.DataSource"
       auth = "Container"
       jndi-name = "java:jdbc/datasource"

      Now, the web.xml DD gets the correct tags:

       <resource-ref >

      But the tags that should go into the jboss-web.xml DD are not inserted. So, everytime I run XDoclet, I have to manually insert the tags:


      If I don't include those tags it won't deploy, of course.

      Does somebody know how to make XDoclet to populates correctly the resource-ref's in the jboss-web DD.

      Thanks for your time.