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    how to build JbossIDE from eclipse

    jaejong kim Newbie

      My env are eclipse 3.1m5a and jdk 1.5

      A do follows
      1. get source using CVS Repository Exploring
      check out context menu on HEAD/contrib/jbosside

      2. plug-in project

      3. create build.xml file
      from newly created plugin.xml and use the PDE tools option again to create an ant build file.

      4. build
      right click on the build.xml file. Launch Ant with the "build.update.jar", "build.jars" and "zip.plugin" targets

      B result
      The results are jbosside_1.0.0.zip and jbosside_1.0.0.jar containing the contents that checked out.
      There is no compile target.
      When I click on the feature.xml, there no PDE Tools menu.

      Do I missing anything to build jboss-IDE?
      I have to build from source to use XML Editor in eclipse-3.1m5a for hibernate tools.