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    Select methods not showing in deployment descriptor

    Caoimhin Barry Newbie

      Hi - I have the latest xdoclet libraries installed and running ok with everything else, but when I try to get it to create ejbselect entries in the deployment descriptor, nothing comes out. The finders get added, but not the selects. Any ideas what's wrong?

      Heres the code:
      * Select method
      * @ejb.select query = "SELECT COUNT( oi ) FROM OrderItem AS oi WHERE oi.orderID = ?1"
      public abstract int ejbSelect(java.lang.String orderID) throws javax.ejb.FinderException;

      I've also tried adding
      ejb-finders-OrderBean.xml to the same directory as the ejb-jar.xml file. But I get the same message( "Every select method must be associated with a query element in the deployment descriptor." )

      Here is whats in that file:

      <ejb-ql><![CDATA[SELECT COUNT( oi ) FROM OrderItem AS oi WHERE oi.orderID = ?1]]></ejb-ql>