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    How to deploy

    Willie Slepecki Newbie

      i inherited a jboss servlet and was given charge with fixing what the other company screwed up. after reading my Learn Java in 21 days book, (im a PHP, c# programmer, not java) i fixed everything and got it going. ok great happy me. now i have another problem, this servlet is a database servlet that we sell and deploy in various customer locations. my problem is i can't figure out how to keep the file that contains the database connection information (applicationContext.xml) outside the war file so i don't have to compile and create a new war file for each customer.

      here is the snippet of my build file that generates the war:

      <target name="war" depends="compile">
       <war destfile="${dist.dir}/myProduct.war" webxml="${basedir}/dd/web.xml">
       <lib dir="${lib.dir}">
       <include name="**/*.jar"/>
       <classes dir="${build.classes.dir}" />

      i notice sar distributions in my jboss install that had all the files under a sar directory, like jboss-hibernate.sar. can i do that with my program so i can edit those config files per customer? how?

      thanks gals and guys.