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    Server Log Msgs into Eclipse Console Window ?


      I would like to have JBoss emit its console messages into another window/tab in eclipse.

      So I guess this would mean configuring JBoss to direct console messages to an internal service, that service then either connects to eclipse (not preferred) or listens at some address waiting for eclipse to connect to it (preferred).

      Then at the eclipse end there is some plugin module that you can configure in how it connects to the server (any authentication), which messages you want from the server (a configurable tree setup). I'd like to then filter which messages you see in the eclipe tab and which messages you want to know occured but not necessarly see in the tab.

      Does anyone know if such a connector already exists ? Or even if I can get halfway there ?

      Does anyone know if such a thing is possible and if my description would be the best way to go about it ?