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    JSP Compilation feature for tag handlers on the classpath

    Lee Hall Newbie

      Using Windows XP, JDK 1.4.2, Eclipse 3.0.2, JBoss-IDE 1.4.1e30, JBoss 4.0.1sp1

      JSP compilation WORKS FINE for tags that are in taglib jars (eg, Struts, Pager taglib, etc). My custom taglib is being recognized and tag completion WORKS.

      The problem is that all of the tags in my TLD produce errors in the Problem view with entries like this:

      "Failed to load or instantiate TagExtraInfo class: com.aep.appsvcs.ams.ui.tag.tei.AllowanceSeason"

      Also, a compile error indicator shows up in the editor and provides the following diagnostic: "Unable to load tag handler class ..." which correctly indicates the tag and its handler.

      When I deploy to JBoss, all my tags work fine at runtime.

      What it seems like is that my project's output classpath (which is in the WEB-INF/classes of the docroot that I used in the JSP Compilation properties) is not being recognized.

      What have I done wrong?

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          Lee Hall Newbie

          Wow... now that was weird.

          I must have had something messed up in my installation of JBossIDE. When I ran a "Software update->Find and install... ->Search for updates...", JBoss IDE 1.4.1e30 turned up. I know that's what I was running before.

          Nevertheless, after taking the update, JSP Compilation now works on my own tags just like it's supposed to!

          I wasted many hours of aggrevation when I was simply not up-to-date. Lesson learned.

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            Dan Watling Newbie

            What is the layout of your WEBROOT folder? More specifically, where did you put your struts.jar? I ended up putting mine into WEBROOT/WEB-INF/lib. Did you have to refer to it anywhere (an xml file or within the project configuration)?

            I've had the same problem you had with custom tags. I did try the update suggestion you wrote, but I'm still getting the same problem. One of the error message I'm getting is:

            Failed to load or instantiate TagExtraInfo class: org.apache.struts.taglib.bean.CookieTei

            What sorts of plug-ins / features do you have? Under features, I've got:

            Eclipse Java Development Tools 3.0.2
            Eclipse Java Development Tools SDK 3.0.2
            Eclipse Platform 3.0.2
            Eclipse Platform Plug-in Developer Resources 3.0.2
            Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment 3.0.2
            Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment Developer Resources 3.0.2
            Eclipse Project SDK 3.0.2
            Quickmarks Both Styles 3.0.0

            I would list my plug-ins but there are a lot (if need be I can type them out). The version listed for all of the JBoss-IDE plug-ins is 1.4.1.e30

            Any information (e.g. location of your struts.jar, and any plug-ins / features you have installed) would be appreciated.


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              karthikeyan perumal Newbie


              how to pre-compile jsp file.

              even i activated jsp compilation support
              it geneartes EMPTY Folders .

              how to configure to compile jsp