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    JBossIDE-1.5M1-jre15-win32.zip + CalculatorBean in EJB3 tuto

    Dennis Gesker Newbie

      Hello All:

      Just to take ejb3 for a spin using the JBossIDE I copied the CalculatorBean.java CalculatorRemote.java and CalculatorLocal.java file directly from the EJB3 tutorial.

      I added the jboss-ejb3x.jar file to the projects build properties and most the errors cleared. However, the IDE is still reporting errors in the files:

      e.g. In the CalculatorRemote.java file CalculatorBean is underlined with a red line and the error given on the mouse over is:

      CalculatorBean cannot be a superinterface of CalculatorRemote.

      I suspect the problem is something obvious I just can see right now. I presume I'm missing a library or jar in the project properties.

      Could someone point me in the right direction or post a hint?