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    issues with a4j:poll

    Jan Thielscher Newbie

      I am quiet new to richfaces and might face some misunderstanding here. I am using RF3.4.1. SR1 under JBPortal 2.6.3. Using a4j:poll I would like to display status changes of background processes in a form. This in general works fine using a button to initiate a bean method with lookup function. However, automation would be required. Therefore I wrote
      code like:

       <a4j:poll id="poll" immediate="false" interval="1000" reRender="poll,grid" action="#{psb.refresh}"/>
       <h:panelGrid columns="1" id="grid">
       <h:outputText value="#{psb.requestid}"/> <h:outputText value=" - "></h:outputText> <h:outputText value="#{psb.numberOfStops}" />
       [... some other stuff ...]

      using the call in action attribute, it executes once as wanted but never again. Using actionExpression instead the phase listener shows continuous repeating of the request but the method is not executed.

      Obviously I would need some help on understand proper calling. Thank you for any hints!