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    Relation between .packaging and packaging-build.xml

    Shital Mehta Newbie


      I am using JBOSSIDE 1.50-M1. Can somebody please explain what's the use of .packaing file? I wanted to migrate a project with considerable number of EJBs (more than 50) to JBOSSIDE. To enter packaging information for each EJB in JBOSSIDE is a pain as the file dialog box does not even remember the last dir visited. I generated packaging-build.xml using an automated script. But now I find that when I open "Packaging Configuration" dialog box, I can't find packaging information which I generated by script in packaging-build.xml. It seems that "Packaging Configuration" dialog box is based on .packaging file and it now is out of sync with packaging-build.xml. I can do packaging using package command but I can't add any more packaging instructions via "Packaging Configuration" dialog box.
      Can anybody shed any light on this?
      or alternative question to ask is how to bring a big J2EE project into JBOSSIDE enviroment with least amount of pain? Are there any docs on how to do this?