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    Hot Swap Compiled JSPs

    Brian Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm using the JBossIDE succesfully and I want to be able to edit my jsps in eclipse and deploy into jboss. I'm deploying into an exploded war on jboss (using an ant script) and then I've followed this thread:


      to try to edit the jsps and redeploy them into jboss. However is it possible for this to happen understanding the file path below the war file. Eg, under the war file imagine I have a jsp


      and if I change my webfile it just gets deployed to:


      any help/ideas greatly appreciated.


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          Peter Johnson Master

          I do this all the time without any problems. My ant script first gathers all of the files that go into the WAR file in a single directory. Then I have separate ant targets to 1) build the war file 2) deploy the war file 3) deploy the original set of files from the afore mentioned directory. That last target always gets the files into the correct location and only ever updates the files I have updated in the IDE.