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    Mac OS X + Java Tiger Question

    Murray Todd Williams Newbie

      Sorry about the very platform-specific question, but hopefully someone might be able to shed some insight. Actually, I have two questions:

      1. Given that there are the two different JBossIDE1.4 versions (that for the Java 1.4 VM and one for the Java 1.5 "Tiger" VM) and given that OS X's Java 5 "release candidate" installs a 1.5 VM but totally defaults to the stable 1.4 JVM for all Java GUI applications, it seems like the JBossIDE1.4 version build for a Java 1.4 VM is the branch to use.

      Question: Does anyone know how to force Eclipse 3.1 to run under the Java 5 "Tiger" VM under OS X, and is there any reason whatsoever to do so? Also, does this issue appear at all with the JBossIDE1.5 series? (I've noticed it doesn't have the forked versions like 1.4 does.)

      2. Double-apologies here, because this is more of a Eclipse question than a JBossIDE question, but...

      I've noticed that starting with Eclipse 3.1 M7 (which has a totally new look and feel to the widgets) that Eclipse on OS X (haven't tried it on other platforms yet) is SEVERELY SLUGGISH. Does anyone know what's going on there? I mean, I've found it to be sluggish to the degree that it's almost unusable, which doesn't bode well since I've been waiting so hopefully for the Eclipse 3.1 + Java 5 + Hibernate Annotations / EJB3 combination. I've heard speculation that the OS X SWT implementation is just bad, but I'd love to hear anyone's insights.

      Any thoughts?