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    JBoss 1.5M1 Hot swapping not working

    Chris Savory Newbie

      I'm trying to use Hot Swapping with JBoss IDE

      Here are my env vars:
      Windows XP Pro
      Eclipse 3.1M5 with JBoss IDE 1.5M1
      JBoss 3.2.6
      Java version: 1.4.2_03

      I Build my EAR via ant and place in my deploy folder.
      I start JBoss in debug mode via eclipse.
      I change a method imlp (not signature) and I get an error

      Hot Code Replace Failed
      org.jboss.Main at localhost:1278 (may be out of sync) was unable to replace the code running in the workspace

      Hot code replace failed - Scheme change not implemented

      I thought it might be a compliler issue so I added this property to my ant script and it did not work either: