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    VelocityViewServlet & @web.servlet tag

    Mark Crompton Newbie

      Not sure if this is an XDoclet or JBossIDE problem.

      I have a servlet derived from VelocityViewServlet, with a @web.servlet and a @web.servlet-mapping tag.

      The <servlet-mapping> entry in web.xml is created without a problem, but no < servlet > entry is created.

      If I change the parent class to VelocityServlet, or even HttpServlet, the < servlet > entry is created.

      Has anyone got the same thing to work for them? I'm using Eclipse 3.1M5, JBossIDE 1.4.1 + XDoclet 1.2.2 libs and Velocity-dep 1.4 + tools 1.1. Both the velocity and tools jars are added as libraries to the project's build path - everything compiles fine.

      Many thanks,