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    CMR dbindex not generated?

    Bruno Beloff Newbie

      Hi all

      I'm trying to index an number of CMRs. My tags look like:

       * @return PriceCodeLocal
       * @ejb.interface-method
       * view-type = "local"
       * @ejb.relation
       * name="pricecode-course"
       * role-name="course-isPricedAccordingTo-pricecode"
       * @jboss.relation
       * related-pk-field="id"
       * fk-column="pricecode_id"
       * dbindex = "true"
       * @jboss.method-attributes
       * read-only = "true"
       public abstract PriceCodeLocal getPriceCode();

      But the tag is never placed in the generated jbosscmp-jdbc.xml file.

      I'm using JBoss 4.0.2, Eclipse 3.0.2, JBossIDE plug-in 1.4.1e30.

      What am I doing wrong? Is there some doclet setting I need to get right?

      Thanks for your help

      Bruno Beloff.

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          Stefan Kuhlmann Newbie

          i'm having the same problem too. Its JBoss 4.0.3SP1, Eclipse 3.1.1 and JBoss IDE 1.5.1

          It seems to be a bug. I tried also some variations like
          dbindex="fk_idx" or db-index="true"
          Nothing had that effect to generate a jbosscmp-jdbc.xml entry like

           <dbindex />

          Any help available?