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    Where is JBossAOP Library

    Colin Goudie Newbie

      I downloaded the win32 zip of JBoss IDE 1.5M1 and created a new EJB3.0 project.

      I was following along with the trailblazer animations and the first thing that I noticed is the setup wizard didnt give me the option to set my JBoss Configuration. I had to go into the Debug settings and set it up there.

      Next I went to make an Entity Bean and I find out that Annotations are code completing like in the Tutorial Video. Looking at my Libraries for my project I only have jre1.5.0 listed. In the video it has JBossAOP 1.1 and JBOSS EJB3.0 Libraries.

      How do I add these in? I went to Add Library but they aren't there?? What have I NOT downloaded or done wrong