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    Unable to deploy files to JBoss with Eclipse 3.1

    fredatwork Newbie


      I switched to Eclipse 3.1 (from Eclipse 3.1 M5). Unfortunately, I cannot open the preferences JBoss-IDE/Deployer page and I cannot deploy files to JBoss anymore :

      - When I try to deploy a file to JBoss from within Eclipse using the IDE's popup menu "Deployment/Deploy to...", an information dialog box pops up saying "The chosen operation is not currentcly available" .

      - When I try to open the Preferences/Deployer page, I get an error dialog box saying that the org.jboss.ide.eclipse.deployer.ui.preferences.MainPreferencePage class cannot be loaded. I've seen bug report on this one.

      Is there a way to deploy a file to JBoss using the Eclipse IDE while having this bug not fixed ? I'd like to avoid copying manually my files into the JBoss deploy directory and use JBoss IDE like I was before.