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    Keybindings malfunction after installing JBoss IDE 1.5M2

    Henrik Johansson Newbie


      I have stumbled into a quite annoying problem after installing the Eclipse JBoss IDE 1.5M2, the } and ] have stopped to show up when I type 'Alt Gr' + 0 and 9.

      More info from other affected users here: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=94249

      I removed the JBoss IDE Plugin and afterwards I could use the two characters again. Maybe it is more likely a bug for the JBoss IDE Team.

      Yes, this sounds like a bug in the JBoss plug-ins. They are defining some key bindings that are not very portable across different keyboard layouts.

      I use a keyboard from Logitech with a swedish keyboard layout. Is there any settings in Eclipse / JBoss IDE that can repair this behaviour?