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    rich:scrollableDataTable and largeTables

    andreas_back Novice

      Hello community!

      Since 2001 your JBoss Application Server is in productive use in our firm.

      Now we are evaluating JSF component libraries for an online catalog project.

      The tables of these catalogs can have up to 100000 rows or even more.

      So the project management was attracted by the ECruiser advertisment by Simplica:

      ECruiser DataTable employs Ajax loading to increase the performance of loading large numbers of data rows into a table. When we say "large numbers" we're talking thousands, or even millions of rows if you really wanted or needed to".

      Yes, there is a requirement in the project that a user can scroll within a table with lets say 25000 rows in the database.

      (The user can see only about 50 rows on the screen at one moment, so no more than 50 rows need to be in the browser or even in the servers memory at the same time.)

      The question is:

      Has someone has a solution with RichFaces scrollableDataTable in production where the user can scroll a table that has serveral
      thousand rows in the datatable.

      Each hint is very welcome.

      Thank you for spending your time for an answer in advance!