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    JSP in Jboss-IDE

    Mathu K Newbie

      I downloaded jboss-ide and tutorial material. I followed the steps in tutorial to write EJB in Jboo-IDE, it is working fine. I want to write JSP in Jboss-IDE, in which the jsp will have a communication with the servlet which I created using web doclet, jboss-ide web components.
      My problem is in which location I have to write jsp. Can you please help me?

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          Wiley Snyder Newbie

          You can write the JSP wherever you you want. In the few applications I've done I put the jsp's in the "docroot" directory. You have to make sure the docroot is included in your packaging configirations .....

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            Mathu K Newbie

            Thanks for your kind information.
            I have worked the jsp by writing this in docroot. It is working fine. But I need to write the jsp in separate folders ie I want to write the user login related files in user folder and registration details in registration folder like this structure. Can you please give me a suggestion.