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    Debugging through jar with sources does not work anymore?

    Luiz-Otavio Zorzella Newbie

      I have a jar file in my project, and I associated it with a source folder. While programming, I can open classes, set breakpoints and do anything that I want with these sources, but once I go into JBossIDE debugging, and (say) a breakpoint there is reached, JBoss asks me for a source path for it (of course, I have already added my project itself as a source path for JBossIDE).

      I do have the option of adding the source folder of the jar again, at this point, but if I do so, the sources are opened in a crippled way (can't set breakpoints, follow class defs, or do anything but step debug).

      It used to be that, since the jar has the source set at the project level, these sources would behave just like any sources (with the one exception that I couldn't edit them).

      Is there a way to still do that?