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    close - curly - brace lost since jBoss Version higher than 1

    Jörg Wiesmann Newbie

      Hi there,

      hopefully someone can help me out.
      Since i installed version 1.5.0.M2 to eclipse 3.1 (ObjectWeb Lomboz)
      i cannot push

      anymore while editing some code.

      the ALT + 125 and ALT + 93 still work.

      i use it with winXP service pack2 ( german language )

      when i deactivate jboss IDE, i am able to press these keys.
      Whats going on here ? With Version 1.4.0 it is no problem.
      May anybody can help me out...

      thx for you help!!

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          Jörg Wiesmann Newbie

          i found a solution, if somebody is interested in:

          Comment by Mattias Neuling
          The key binding of the JBoss IDE uses keys as shortcuts used by the german keyboard layout to map characters like '}' and ']'.
          A workaround is to remove the JBoss IDE keyboard bindings in the preferences menu. Go to the tab 'Modify' of 'general / key' in the preferences menu. Select the 'Key Sequence' field and press the key combination to create your character on the german keyboard layout. Mark the assignment and press the 'Remove' button.

          src: http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBIDE-192

          some keywords for the german :-)
          geschweifte klammer zu, eckige Klammer zu