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    2 projects working together

    Shany Carle Newbie

      Hi guy, I did the tutorial Fibo. I'm now trying to convert an application server to work with Jboss but it's different from the tutorial because there is nothing to do with the web.

      All my Bean and Doclet are perfectly working.
      What's confusing me is that I have 2 projects working together. So I'm now at the step 8 from the tutorial "The J2EE app".

      DO I have to create a EAR Deployment descriptor or EJB??
      Does it mean that I will have 2 application.xml??
      Do I have to do 2 packaging (step 9 of the demo)
      and what do I do with the main in my project???

      If someone have a tutorial for an app serv without web please let me now I can't find one.

      Thank you SLAY