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    JSP Compilation Support and 1.5M3 Install Issues

    Michelle Wynn Newbie

      I am running eclipse 3.1 and installed jboss ide 1.4.1 thru the update mgr.

      I want to install the 1.5M3 update version because I am having problems enabling JSP Compilation Support (I do not want to repackage/reploy the ear file every time I make a jsp change). I saw a note somewhere that 1.5M3 corrected the error that occurs when JSP Compiliation Support is enabled in the ide.

      I added the download site "http://download.jboss.org/jbosside/updates/development/" to my update mgr but it says no features found when I look for new updates.

      My questions are:

      (1) What is the correct way to install the 1.5M3 outside of the update mgr since it isn't finding that update.
      NOTE: I installed 1.5M2 by unzipping the "JBossIDE-1.5M2-ALL.zip" file to the eclipse/plug-ins directory.

      (2) Am I correct in believing 1.5M3 will correct the jsp compiliation support error?

      (3) How are others dealing with realtime jsp compiliation during development?

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          Michael K Newbie

          good questions and I don' t know answers for them - sorry
          however, I already asked for the same the last week - no answers

          Now about what I think and would like to get comments for it from JBoss-IDE developers:
          - JSP support was removed from JBoss-IDE; JSP support (editor, vaidation, etc.) is part of WTP;

          So, yes JSP compilation issue was resolved by removing JSP support.

          No, you can't use "old" project where JBoss-IDE supports JSP with Eclipse 3.1 and M3 - as result.
          Yes, you can compile JSP by validating it in WTP, but some how that has to be Dynamic Web project, where you can setup JSP server (it doesn't have Jboss 4.x as target yet).
          I don't know much about WTP yet, so can't help you much there.

          To be able continue development I keep using Eclipse 3.1M5 (pre WTP API changes) with JBoss-IDE 1.5.0M1

          Hope to find better way around it.