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    xdoclets Strutsconfig

    michaël valentino Newbie

      Hi all,

      I try to integrate strutsconfig.xml to my xdoclets and i have the following error on generating :

      Buildfile: D:\Projet\Ihm\xdoclet-build.xml
      D:\Projet\CEA\Dev\CestaIhm\xdoclet-build.xml:36: Can't create a strutsconfigxml element under webdoclet. Make sure the jar file containing the corresponding subtask class is on the classpath specified in the <taskdef> that defined {2}.
      Total time: 2 seconds

      This is my xdoclet-build.xml :

      <target name="_xdoclet_generation_" depends="N10004"/>
      <target name="N10004" description="Web">
      <taskdef classpathref="xdoclet.classpath" classname="xdoclet.modules.web.WebDocletTask" name="webdoclet"/><webdoclet excludedTags="@version,@author,@todo" destDir="src" verbose="true" addedTags="@xdoclet-generated at ${TODAY},@copyright The XDoclet Team,@author XDoclet,@version ${version}" >
      <deploymentdescriptor Servletspec="2.3" validateXML="true" destDir="Web/WEB-INF" mergeDir="Web/WEB-INF" >
      <strutsconfigxml Version="1.1" destDir="Web/WEB-INF" mergeDir="Web/WEB-INF" >
      <jbosswebxml destDir="Web/WEB-INF" mergeDir="Web/WEB-INF" >
      <fileset dir="src" includes="**/*.java" >

      I'm lost ...

      Thank you