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    JSP problem in JBoss IDE

    nabarun acharjee Newbie

      I am new to JBoss IDE. I have installed the IDE(JBossIDE-1.5M2-ALL/eclipse-SDK-3.1) successfully as per the installation guide and everything is working fine except the JSPs.

      The problem is there is no code assist for JSP (ctl+space etc). For exmpl, it does not display the methods available for a class while coding like:
      Object obj = getObject();
      (at this point you expect the available methods/attrs from that class listed for you)

      More importantly the IDE does not report any error within a JSP page such as a red mark on the side bar as it appears in case of .java files. Also I can see the "Compile JSP" option when I right click on a JSP file, but selecting that option does not do anything even though there is error in that page.

      Please help me setting up the JSP editor for those featues. I will really appreciate an urgent help.

      many thanks