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    Problems with EJB 3.0 and jboss4.0.3

    L.A. D.Z. Newbie

      I've just installed the new jboss4.0.3 installation. I'm using Eclipse 3.1.1 and JBossIDE-1.5M3. When I try to create a new jboss4.0.x (I chose all configuration, and every path according to my installation) and confirm it pressing Finish, I get this error message: "The selected configuration does not contain the expected EJB3 libraries. Please install JBoss with EJB3 enabled, or try another configuration". I read in the new jboss4.0.3 that "A preview of the latest ejb3 spec is included in the installer". Do I have to enable it? How can I do it? Do I still have do download EJB-3.0 RC2?
      Thanks a lot!