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    Problems with JBossIDE and adding Eclipse Project to classpa

    Douglas Rand Newbie

      Perhaps this isn't intended to work. We can deploy our application to JBoss and run under the debugger using JBossIDE, and that works quite well. But there are two issues:

      1) This is the major issue for us: It doesn't seem possible to have the project's classes be available to JBoss. This would be desirable to allow a much tighter debug/edit/compile loop. As it is we end up rebuilding a jar or two, dragging them to the deployment and restarting. Hot deployment of the built ear isn't really practical (or much of a savings since our application startup dominates the server startup).

      2) Minor: I don't see a way to trigger a shutdown of the server (although the argument is clearly defined). Does terminate actually do a shutdown?