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    Run Packaging configuration in diferent eclipse project at t

    Fernando Cárdenas Fernández Newbie

      Hello everybody,

      I hope you can help me with the following problem: I have three different eclipse project: two of them are libraries, and the third one is the application the user is going to use (EJB components).
      I want to use the packaging cofiguration to generate an ear file that include the three element.
      I have configure the package configuration in the two library project using the Package Configuration that JBoss-IDE add. Each configuration generate a jar file.
      I want to configure the packaging of the third project to generate the EJB jar file (I've just done this), but I also want to generate a ear file that include the EJB jar file, and the others 2 jar libraries. The problem is that I would like to invoke automatically the packaging configuration of the other two project to be sure that their jar files are correctly generate to the last version.

      Thank you very much in advace.