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    JBoss EClipse IDE 1.4.0 installation problem


      I have Eclipse 3.0.1 and and I tried to Install JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.4.0 By doing following steps.

      1) I started Eclipse.
      2) Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install -> Search for new features to install
      3) In New Remote Site I have given name as JBossIDE and URL: http://jboss.sourceforge.net/jbosside/updates
      4) I got JBoss-IDE Eclipse 3.0 -> clicked next
      5) now I selected JBoss-IDE 1.4.0. When I checked this, I got the message as.. The current configuration contains errors and this operation can have unpredictable results. -> clicked next.
      6) Lastly I got the following error...
      Unable to complete action for feature "JBoss-IDE" due to errors.
      I tried many times.. But I failed everytime..

      Please let me know how to solve it and to install JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.4.0.