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    Complete JSP support still missing from JBossIDE 1.5RC1

    David Webster Newbie

      The JSP support confusion will likely continue with RC1. Running Eclipse 3.1.1 now with JBossIDE 1.5RC1 and I still see no support in Properties under JBossIDE J2EE projects for JSP compilation or packaging at all. JSP's are also missing from the Web Component folder in the "New" item selection wizard, even though the Tag Handler option is still there. One has go outside the JBossIDE realm to even create a new JSP file in a JBossIDE project. JSP editing seems OK.

      Until the IDE project seemlessly incorporates all facets of JSP support within the JBossIDE option, it will remain a seriously flawed J2EE package.
      The IDE development team could serve the user community well if they clearly laid out the JSP support roadmap for the project in a sticky so all the users will stop posting endless JSP support issues due to JSP support simply not being there yet.