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    EJB3.0 Tutorial Problem from Beginner

    H Garrett Newbie

      I followed step by step JBoss EJB3.0 TrailBlazers and Demo Applications and now I have the authors-beans.eb3 running on my Standalone JBoss_4.0.3

      I need to access the AuthorsBean from a Servlet on a Standalone Tomcat 5.0.X Web Server that is running on the same Host. How do I do it? How do I configure the Context? Is JNDI the preferible method to access the EJBeans3 ?

      Can anyone paste here a Servlet version of AuthorServlet for use in a Standalone Tomcat ?

      P.S.Why does authors-beans.ejb3 cannot be deployed as authors-beans.jar ?
      Is there a jboss xml config file where I can change it ?

      Many thanks in advance.