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    Servlet behaves differently in jboss and jboss-ide

    Florian Punrhagen Newbie

      Hello erverybody,
      I have a strange problem:
      A JaxmServlet which acts upon a incoming SOAP Request has a very strange behaviour:

      When i start JBoss from within Eclipse-IDE, the Servlet parses and processes the incoming message as wanted.

      But when i start JBoss from a shell (via bin/run.sh) the Servlet produces an error while parsing the message.
      This is the passage where the difference occures:

      if( request.hasAttributes( ) ){
       NamedNodeMap elementAttrs = request.getAttributes();
       org.w3c.dom.Node attributeNode =
       elementAttrs.getNamedItem( "xmlns" );
       if(attributeNode == null)
       { return error( "Message tag has no 'xmlns:' attribute." ); }

      It says "Message tag has no 'xmlns:' attribute" although the message has one. In fact it is the same Message as before, and has been accepted by the same servlet in the same server-configuration (started from eclipse-ide) .

      - what is the difference in Starting JBoss standalone via starting JBoss from Eclipse

      -Are the Eclipse-Build-Path Libraries in the JBoss Classpath when i start JBoss from Eclipse

      -Are there any Debug Options enabled when starting JBoss from Eclipse

      -Has anyone another suggestion??