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    some general questions about Jboss Portal , I need your Advi

    legolas woodland Novice

      Thank you for reading my post.
      I should develop a system similar to www.adbright.com
      my question are
      1-how JBoss Portal portal can ease my developing job ?
      I use RWD as my IDE and i want its Struts designer features it means that :

      2-can use an IDE like RWD whichcan develop jsp pages in visual mode for developing additional module for JBoss Portal portal?
      I use DAO Pattern (generated by some JDBC DAO generator)for data access , does JBoss Portal restrict me in using persistance mechanism?

      3-I want to use an embede database like derby , also i will use some JMS implementation. is there any problem with them ?

      4-how does a portal affect Hit / second ? my systesm should handle +50 hit / second so , i should trade off between performance and ease of use.
      5-where i can find more portlet which are deployable into JBoss Portal (I want Struts based stuff)
      6-does it works on Tomcat or it need full J2ee container like Jboss to works ?
      any help is welcome

      I hope you - the community- let ask more general question before i go to real job.