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    Keeping an item in rich:toolbar selected

    Ajay Gupta Newbie

      <rich:toolbar> allows addition of any JSF-based items as its children. In one of the apps, we are adding instances of <rich:dropdownMenu> to a <rich:toolbar> programmatically. Inside each drop-down, there can be 2-3 menu items. Selecting each of the men items within a drop-down changes the contents of the page underneath the toolbar. Our user has requested us highlighting the label of the selected dropdown menu (in the toolbar) so that they know which dropdown was selected. We do not need to select the specific menu item within that dropdown. Just the label of the dropdown inside the toolbar should be selected. The problem is that when a user clicks with a mouse on a menu option within the toolbar, RichFaces puts a highlighted background around the selected item but then once the mouse moves away from the selected menu item, the highlighting around the selected dropdown menu label is gone.

      For example: if the tool bar contains three dropdowns File, Edit and Window..File dropdown has New Open menu items, Edit dropdown has Cut, Copy and then Window dropdown has New Window, Tile etc, then the user wants to be able to highlight File if the user clicked File dropdown to select a menu item within the File dropdown. The highlight on the File dropdown label should stay and not go away even if the mouse has been clicked away.