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    Eclipse 3.1.1 + JBoss IDE Plugin problem



      I downloaded Eclipse 3.1.1 (the latest and greatest stable release :-).
      Then I followed the instructions here: http://docs.jboss.com/jbosside/install/build/en/html/installation.html
      using the Eclipse Update Manager to install JBoss IDE into Eclipse.

      Everything went fine with the download and install -- no problems.
      However, when I go to Window -> Preferences -> JBoss-IDE -> Deployer an error window pops up with this message:
      Unable to create the selected preference page.
      Reason: Plugin org.jboss.ide.eclipse.deployer.ui was unable to load class org.jjboss.ide.eclipse.deployer.ui.preferences.MainPreferencePage.

      When I try to create a new JBoss-IDE -> J2EE 1.4 project etc. I get errors "The selected wizard could not be started..."

      What is the work around to these problems?

      Thank you.