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    IDE Add CMP Field Wizard

    Philip Alb Newbie

      Version: 3.1.0
      Build id: 200411050810

      Eclipse IDE:

      Hello ide experts,
      I?m triying to use the wizard to generate a CMP field. But when I try to set the field type to an simple int I get the message: ?Field type is invalid?.
      Does anybody has the same problem? Is this a bug? Should be possible to generate a primitive type as a cmp field, or not?

      Don't know if it is important, but here is the bean description:

       * @ejb.bean name="CounterBean2"
       * display-name="Name for CounterBean2"
       * description="Description for CounterBean2"
       * jndi-name="ejb/CounterBean2"
       * type="CMP"
       * cmp-version="2.x"
       * view-type="remote"