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    Custom taglibs in web project

    luke Newbie

      Hello !
      Is there a way to add a cutom taglib info to the project in JBoss IDE 1.5 RC1 so it will be recognized in JSP files (and therefor autocomplete will be wroking).
      Waiting for quick reply of solution.
      Please help - desperated user.

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          Jochen Riedlinger Newbie

          if you include the taglib directive in your .jsp code completion works automatically.

          <%@ taglib uri="....mytaguri...." prefix="mytag" %>

          it's even working if you have this taglib directive in a kind of header file that bis included in your .jsp lke that:

          <%@ include file="../common/taglibincludes.jspf" %>

          the only problem is that the path mustn't start with /
          Like this:
          <%@ include file="/common/taglibincludes.jspf" %>
          it's NOT working!!!!

          best regards