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    Problem accessing servlet when running JBoss through Eclipse

    Matthew Monks Newbie


      I have recently installed the JBoss Eclipse IDE (version JBossIDE-1.5RC1) so that I can run and debug JBoss within Eclipse (version 3.1.1). The plugin seems to work fine - I can start and stop Eclipse with no problem.

      I have a sample web app that uses the Spring framework MVC, and comprises a very simple "Hello World" type of servlet. When I start JBoss outside of Eclipse, I can access the servlet with no problem on http://localhost:8080. However, when I am running JBoss within Eclipse and trying to debug, I hit the URL for the servlet and nothing happens. My browser just sits there forever, and no debugging information appears in the JBoss console within Eclipse.

      Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?