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    JBoss IDE Bug

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      JBoss 3.0

      Error message
      <project root> [in myproject] does not exist

      myproject is a j2ee1.3 project and i get an error message whenever i tried to create a ejb component.[/img]

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          what is the stacktrace ?

          (look in Error Log View for it)

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            Severity : Error
            Message: <project root> [in neuis] is not on its project's build path
            Exception Stack Trace : An exception stack trace is not available.
            Session Data : eclipse.buildId=I20050627-1435

            I've tried different versions of eclipse and jbosside versions and the same thing happens for the latest release windows zip package. I believe it could be something i missed out. I just unzip the package and went straight to creating a J2ee project and a session bean. I have set java compiler to be j2sdk and not just the runtime.

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              Ah i found out what is the problem. The source folder should be set as the project's build path. I remember this setting is done automatically in the past that's why i did not know about this.