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    Error Opening persistence.xml after upgrade

    Andrig Miller Newbie

      I have just upgraded to JBoss IDE 1.5, from JBoss IDE 1.5RC2, and now I cannot open my persistence.xml file in my EJB 3.0 project. I did start up Eclipse with the -clean option before seeing the problem, so it might be related to that, but I don't know. I get an exception as follows:

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/wst/sse/core/internal/provisional/exceptions/SourceEditingRuntimeException
      at org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.internal.parser.regions.XMLParserRegionFactory.createToken(XMLParserRegionFactory.java:75)
      at org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.internal.parser.XMLTokenizer.getNextToken(XMLTokenizer.java:813)
      at org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.internal.parser.XMLSourceParser.getNextRegion(XMLSourceParser.java:165)
      at org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.internal.parser.XMLSourceParser.parseNodes(XMLSourceParser.java:286)
      at org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.internal.parser.XMLSourceParser.getDocumentRegions(XMLSourceParser.java:149)

      This exception is certainly not the problem, as it is just getting this exception trying to find an exception class, that isn't there, and it wasn't ever there.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.