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    Upgrading to JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.5 from Milestone / RC relea


      For those of you who were using a 1.5 Release Candidate or Milestone release in the past and are trying to upgrade to 1.5 Final, there is a known issue with version numbering in Eclipse.

      If you try to use the update site to upgrade, You will only see updates for jBPM Designer and Hibernate Tools, thanks to the fact that 1.5.0 is actually "less than" 1.5.0.RC2 according to Eclipse. Unfortunately, the only way around this at the moment is to go into the Eclipse Configuration Manager, un-install your RC/Milestone release, and then do a clean install from the update site.

      You can find the configuration manager at
      Help > Software Updates > Manage Configuration

      Under that, you should see all of the features that are bundled with your JBossIDE installation.. you should be able to right-click on each one and uninstall it.

      Note that if you are running an older RC or Milestone, you may also need to do the same thing with webtools, as the versioning in webtools has the same bug.

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          note: The issue is only with the overarching feature, which is kinda agreed on earlier to live with under the assumption that it would be ok to not support updates between devel releases and the final ones (that is also why they are at 2 different updatesites)

          But in the future we should probably find a name for the final releases that allows users to do this.

          And note our individual *plugins* have proper versioning, meaning we bump them whenever we do a release, WTP's "bug" is much more critical since they don't even bump the individual plugins for their releases.