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    Error Debugging Struts App using JBoss IDE

    Rob Desilets Newbie


      I am currently running Eclipse 3.2 with the 1.5 (final release) version of JBoss IDE. JBoss 4.0.2. I launch JBoss via the "Debug" menu in Eclipse.

      I bundled my struts app in a WAR file and deployed it to JBoss via the IDE (Right Click on WAR, Deployment-> Jboss main deployer, etc) .

      JBoss Console show app deployed and running perfectly.

      I hit the URL and some println's are printed to the console so I know my app is running correctly in JBoss.

      However, when I set a breakpoint in my Action class, and then hit my URL again, the system ignores the breakpoint and acts as if it's not even in "Debug mode".

      However, we have another servlet that is not in STRUTS (Just a straight up servlet) and it works fine (e.g. the debugger stops fine at the breakpoint)..

      Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.