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    Packaging problem

    Chris Bitmead Newbie

      I'm developing an EJB app with a Webstart client that talks to the EJB. The webstart client is deployed inside the .war inside the .ear so that it can be accessed over the web.

      The problem is that in eclipse if I go "Run packaging" it re-creates the myapp-ejb-client.jar and immediately packages up the .war file without giving me a chance to sign the jar, thus the webstart app doesn't work.

      I need some way either to run the packaging in two steps so I can sign it manually, or else a way to have eclipse run the signing process during the packaging. Any suggestions?

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          You have a few options...

          1) You can disable the building of specific packages in JBossIDE's packaging configuration by checking/unchecking the check-box next to the package you want do enable/disable. It might turn out to be a pain, but you would need to disable the WAR build, Run Packaging, sign your jar, go back and re-enable the WAR build, and Run Packaging again.

          2) If your packaging configuration is relatively stable (i.e. you won't need to change it very often) it might be easiest to copy the packaging-build.xml to a new ant script, and editing it manually so that after the client.jar is built you can digitally sign it via ant. Then instead of using "Run Packaging" you can just run that ant script.