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    Problem with XDoclet and cascade=

    Oswaldo Dantas Newbie

      I am using JBossIDE 1.5. In the Hibernate documentation it says I can use cascade="all,delete-orphan" to make lifecycle objects in a parent-child relationship.
      When I run XDoclet using this option I get the folowing error on the console:

      [hibernatedoclet] (XDocletMain.start 54 ) <<The value 'all,delete-orphan' specified for parameter 'cascade' of hibernate.bag tag in getAlocacoesTarefas method of br.com.sensys.odyssea.servidor.model.entity.organograma.PosicaoEntity class is not valid. Valid values for this tag are: {none,all,save-update,delete,all-delete-orphan,delete-orphan}.>>
      [hibernatedoclet] /home/oswaldo/workspace/odyssea/xdoclet-build.xml:52: XDoclet failed.

      Is there any configuration I must change so XDoclet can support this kind of mapping? Or does it not support the "comma-separated combinations of operation names, for example, cascade="persist,merge,evict" or cascade="all,delete-orphan"." that is described in the Hibernate documentation? (http://www.hibernate.org/hib_docs/v3/reference/en/html_single/#mapping-declaration-manytoone)