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    EJB web service development in JBoss-IDE 1.5 via xdoclet?

    Chuck Fowler Newbie


      I have been trying to build a EJB-based web service using JBoss-IDE 1.5 that I want to deploy to JBoss 4.03 SP1. Unfortunately, I am having trouble adding the needed XDoclet tags. Specifically, I can't add the ejbdoclet nested element "service-endpoint" via the XDoclet configurations dialog (I think I need this to generation the service-endpoint-class element in the ejb-jar.xml file). I believe JBoss-IDE is using the latest version of XDoclet (1.2.3, I believe). I am trying to adapt the JBoss IDE tutorial where one builds a Fibonacci sequence generation EJB to expose it as an EJB.

      Thanks for your help!

      Chuck Fowler