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    JBoss Eclipse IDE losing my .jsp file changes.

    Charles Ethridge Newbie

      This is a strange one (or I'm doing something silly, which still happens now and then :-) :

      Fairly regularly (but not every time), JBoss Eclipse IDE (1.5) will lose my saved .jsp file changes, which is really frustrating. I've tried Refresh, and such but to no avail.

      Sequence is pretty normal:

      I do a Project -> Clean and then a Project -> Run Packaging, followed by a Redeploy. (I do all this because I've encountered "caching"-related problems with Eclipse/Jboss before.)

      I then send to the JSP's URL in the browser.

      Has anyone else encountered this?

      Sorry to report, but compared to WSAD (WebSphere Studio App Developer), which I've used for many years, JBoss Eclipse IDE seems relatively unstable as a development platform (meaning I wouldn't go into production with it). Granted it may still be in Beta.

      Ben Ethridge