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    Code assist not working

    Pascal Lafond Newbie

      Is anyone else having code assist issues with JBoss IDE. I am running

      JBoss IDE 1.5.0 - jre 1.5 - eclipse 3.1.1

      It seems fine in the in some cases but not others.

      In a method I type "this." and I can choose from a list and the IDE will auto complete.

      In the comment section when doing xDoclet comments according to the JBoss IDE Tutorial I type "@ejb." use code assist a list of options are shown but when I select one (ex. home-method) of them nothing happens.

      Am I doing something wrong?


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          John DeGeiso Newbie

          PL -- I noticed the same thing. Since I am conducting the Fibo tutorial for the 73rd time (because it does not work for me) I am being very careful to follow the directions EXACTLY.
          In your case I found that I needed to select the CLASS (...Go to the top of the class and...) -- not the java-object.
          once the class is selected, you can edit in the code-window as follows...
          1) on the line immediately above a method-line (say Public void ejbActivate(..etc..)) type in /* followed by . You will see the correct tag inserted in comment-form -- as shown in the tutorial on page 10,11,12.

          I have a different problem -- reported 1/27/06.
          Hope this helps.